Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Gyno Pastor, EWWWWWWWWW!

This story over at Friendly Atheist is probably one of the most disturbing stories I have read in a long time. Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng of the Incredible Happening's Church in South Africa holds "demon bashing" services where he molests young girls in front of the entire congregation.

In addition to inappropriately touching the genitalia of young girls in his congregation, this perverted pastor also seems to be a complete con man. He takes their money and molests their children. What else will these sheep accept from this man? This is almost as bad as the witch accusing pastors. Here are a few examples of his porno performance in front of his church.

THE much-talked about Incredible Happening Church’s “demon banishing” service in Katlehong on Sunday resembled a shoot for a blue movie.
We saw the church leader and self-styled prophet Paseka Motsoeneng insert his fingers into the vaginas of two female congregants as part of a ritual he performed to expel the demons that had allegedly possessed them.
Motsoeneng’s unorthodox demon banishing methods, which Sunday World has been advised might constitute indecent assault, left a bitter taste in the mouths of other help-seekers who attended the services.
As he was praying for her she collapsed. Motsoeneng then told the teenager, who was lying on her back, to open her legs, which she did.
He then plunged his fingers into her private parts and started moving his fingers inside her vagina.
As he was busy with his “healing process”, Motsoeneng ordered her to call him by his nickname, Mboro.
The young woman, who was not asked to identify herself, was told to tell the packed hall what her problem was.
“I haven’t slept with my husband for some time because it hurts when we make love.
“Every time he penetrates me, it feels like he is cutting me with a sharp knife,” she said.
Mboro took off his shoes and placed his foot on her vagina.
“There’s something breathing in her biscuit. It feels like a heartbeat,” he said.
He later ordered the woman to take off her undies. She complied. He said he wanted to “stitch it with his holy water”.
Motsoeneng sprinkled water on his right hand and rubbed the woman’s genitals.
Incredible happenings indeed. A lot of koolaid being drunk in this church if the congregants accept this shit. Oh, and girls, watch out for those sharp fingernails. Ouch.


J said...
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J said...

Is that like one of Sarah Palin's ministers? Pretty sickening.

This article on chaplains in US Military (and USAF, in particular) still seems relevant--that is, unless we're entering the..... Time of Trials and Tribulations.

Anna Lemma said...

Its a very good article. I still have the magazine with the article in it. I discussed the article on this blog when it came out.

J said...

Her biscuit?

now, that's nasty.