Monday, 2 July 2007

Scary, Scary Cults

I've spent some time lately going through sites like Talk2Action , SLPC , Theocracy Watch , Dark Christianity , etc. Cults such as the Moonies, Scientologists, and Dominionist Christianity all seem to work alike. They misrepresent themselves, and even have front groups to hide their real agendas (power and control). They control their member's lives and suck their members dry of any available funds. Here's an interesting thread over at Dark Christianity about Dominionist front groups. Companies like Hobby Lobby, Amway and US Plastics funnel their profits directly to dominionist groups.

I don't have much time today, but I''ll continue this thread in the next few days. What is really disturbing is some of these dominionist groups are tied to the supremacist Patriot and Minutemen groups. The following links appear quite scary: supremacist groups-Dominionist groups-US military-supremacist groups. Also quite a few right-wing politicians seem to be linked to dominionist groups and supremacist groups. It would also be interesting to see if the dominionist Christian chaplains in the military are linked to supremacist groups directly. What a tangled web.


Amway and Quixtar - an opportunity for anyone said...

what a load of BS. I'm an atheist, progresive secular humanist and also an Amway Independent Business Owner. I've checked Amway and it's founders out to a depth you wouldn't believe, and the "dominionist" claim is crap. They're republicans and christians, but more of the presbyterian mold than anything else. Some dude made up the dominionist claim in an article and then it spread to wikipedia and around the internet without any backing at all.

Anna Lemma said...

Actually both myself and my husband were in Amway our selves about 25 years ago. After reviewing the videos they gave us and their product, we decided to do to a meeting. The host kept asking us about what church we went to, and when we said we did not go, kept trying to get us to go to theirs (some Pentecostal Church). This kept on at each meeting until we had had enough and quit. I'm not the only on this has happened to that I know of. Check out the political history of the DeVos family and see where they give their money to. It's very obvious where their political ambitions lie and has been for some time.

Anna Lemma said...

Actually there are more reports than just the one claim. Do a Google search under DeVos and Dominionism and check out a lot of the links. There are articles by Rolling Stone, Chris Hedges,Yuica Report, Talk2Action, and others. All independently verified and by reputable reporters.

MusicListenSmith said...

Ergg...I have to say that there are similar tales to be told of the mainstream. Point the needle to, let's just say Christianity. Sure, they don't encourage a "disconnect" as the Scientologists do, but they do require exorbitant "donations" for any service that they offer their parishioners (funeral, candle-lighting, name-recognition, marriage, et cetera). We know, for instance, that typical parishioners of a Judeo-Christian church or synagogue are liable to spend 10% of their annual income in various donations. That's quite a bit, lest we not forget the additional payments of bible camps, getaways, crucifixes, "Footprints in the Sand" posters, and so on.

I could go on, but must say that control IS a giant part of any church administration- the positing of rule-systems and dogma, the brainwashing of lengthy and melodramatic services. I'm fatigued by how easy we find it to attack fringe religions, making the mainstream religions seem benign and "safe."

Anna Lemma said...

I agree, but the religious extremists hide what they are up to in a lot of cases. They know that the majority of Americans don't buy what they are selling. And moderate religious people aren't as out of touch with reality as some of the really extreme Christians. Unfortunately, moderates and liberal members of religions don't seem see how damaging the extremists are to their organizations,or else they are too afraid to do anything about the extremists.