Sunday, 25 May 2008

Interview with Dogma Free America

I was interviewed by the Dogma Free America podcast at the beginning of the month about my posting about the horribly bigoted radio advertisement by Kieffe & Sons Ford in Mojave, CA. The podcast is now available. Yesterday, a reader, Karen Peralta emailed to me a recording of the radio ad. She also posted the recording of the ad on MediaFire.

I think I sound okay, I'm not used to being interviewed. Rich also has inserted the ad in the podcast in the place of where I had previously stated what I recalled from hearing the ad. A few facts about Lancaster, CA are discussed in the podcast. Another interesting fact about Lancaster, CA is that it was the world headquarters for the Flat Earth Society until the 1970's.

This post contains more details and a link to the recording.


Karen Peralta said...

You sounded great, don't worry. :)
I never knew those facts about Lancaster. Makes me feel quite a bit ashamed. haha.

I'm astounded that the recording has been downloaded 950 times. Kieffe and Sons will rue the day they messed with the 14%!

Anna Lemma said...

Oh yes, this is getting fun.

Anna Lemma said...

Karen, I emailed PZ Myers over at Pharyngula ( and there are almost 200 posts now.

Karen Peralta said...

Quite fun indeed!

Great job, Anna. Taking the initiative to spread this news.
And I was just over there recently. Left a couple of comments. I can't believe somebody thought it was a hoax.
I wonder just how big this story will get or if it's just reached its peak.

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