Saturday, 3 May 2008

Lets See if I can Get the Ad

Well, I've sent a request to the radio station to get a copy of the advertisement being aired by our local Ford Dealer. I've asked either for an mp3, or for a time that it will be broadcast, so that I can record the ad. If I'm successful, then I'll post the mp3 here on the blog for download.

I received a response from the radio station. They said that they could not get me any information about the ad. I asked for clarification. Are they still airing the ad? And why could they not let me know the time it would be broadcast.


Doug E said...

Radio stations cannot distribute copies of advertisements since they are the property of the station and the advertiser, so sadly you won't be able to get a copy from them. At the same time ad schedules and rotations cannot be given out either plus it can be difficult to track down the next air time. I'm a radio DJ and know that these kinda things are asked for by several listeners however it's stuff that we can't do.

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