Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Interesting Paint Job on a Local Police Car

I was going through some old email and came across this photo. Apparently, a couple of years ago
the local Kern County Sheriff's department received this car from the paint shop. According to the story, the car was driven for a week before the officer noticed the paint job on the side. The painter was retiring and he painted the car on his last day at work. I don't know if this is true or not but the picture is funny.


According to Cat in the comments, the photo is correct, except for the donuts sticker. A Snopes article has the Kern County Sheriff making a comment about creating gag stickers for the cars. It looks like his people took the idea a little too far.


Cat's Staff said...

Apparently it's a little true...

Anna Lemma said...

Thanks Cat. Looks like the "We'll kick your ass" was originally on the photo, but someone doctored the donuts part. The police car is a Kern County police car. I live in Kern county and see them all the time, of course without the ass kicking sticker.

Way of Life said...

A week before they noticed? Not very perceptive for police one might think.

rosh edward said...

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