Wednesday, 10 November 2010

George Takei, My Hero



J said...

George Takei...George Runner?

Supposedly Georgie Runner's been caught, or nearly, like Roy Ashburn style, which is to say Larry Craig toetapping, and/or Sac disco-boy-hoppin', but ...they've decided to hush-hush it. Then with a wifey like Sharon...well, Georgie might be better off wit' the disco-boys.


J said...

Squeaking of the Runtners, and the AV Mob (equal opportunitay now) perhaps some noticed one...DONITA WINN giving her blessing to Georgie (lest we forget, baptist biblethumper-in-charge for the last 20 years). RunterCo: approved by Miss Winn, AV's official Fat Lady, fundamentalist and schoolmarmie.