Saturday, 19 February 2011

A Scorching Case of Burning Bush

Looks like someone needs a tube of Vagisil.


Anonymous said...

Big LOL!

J said...
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J said...

Given that the "miracles" of the Old Testament --such as Moises and the Burning BUsh---are accepted by fundamentalist xtians, katolix, and ortho- jews, you've probably managed to offend nearly all the religious zealots of the AV with this , Annna. :]

Muslims don't accept most of the OT, however--stops with like Abe/Ibrahim, whose wifey Hagar--mama of Ishamel-- who was acceptable to the Imamocracy. The rest of Abe's wives?? known in technical terms as ...skank. Then from like Abe to Moises? 1000 years or so in real history--covered in a few paragraphs of begetting (and..1000 years later..).

Which is to say, the OT has little or no relation to real history until when Alex the Great hits the stage.