Friday, 27 November 2015

Moving Blog to Wordpress

I'm ending this blog similar to my initial post. I moved here from Wordpress because I could use javascript here and other plugins. Wordpress did not allow me to do so unless I managed or hosted my own blog. That was much too time consuming. is the location of my new blog. It will be wider in scope than this blog. Here on UndergoundUnbeliever, I focused mainly on atheism and church state issues in the military. I'll cover my usual issues as well as hobbies and interests.

I needed a place to vent as I was working in an environment where I had a boss and immediate supervisor who were extremely religious and did not like the fact that I was not. Completely different from my previous employment in the US Air Force. Thought it seems that since I left the Air Force, things have changed for the worse. After leaving that position after 15 years, I'm now working in an office where no one cares what you believe or not. So nice. I'm now working on the other side of the country in Huntsville, Alabama. Even though I'm in the bible-belt, Huntsville is a fairly liberal town.

I'm now returning to blogging, hopefully getting into as much trouble as I did when I was actively blogging a few years ago. There will be more underground adventures and more people to expose. I'll be slowly starting to blog in my new location, so check it out.

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